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Nimu HRM

Nimu HRM dashboard provides a centralized hub for managing all HR activities. With an intuitive interface, it offers a real-time snapshot of essential HR data, including employee information, attendance, performance metrics, and more. The dashboard enables easy navigation, quick access to vital information, and empowers HR professionals to make data-driven decisions for optimized workforce management.


"Nimusoft significantly increased our productivity because of their enthusiasm and superior technological knowledge. They have excellent communication skills which improved our product faster and makes our customers happier. They frequently came up with better solutions than they were provided. Nimusoft provided us with cloud engineering expertise also. They were focused on creating quality features and more efficient solutions for users."

Client Shafiqul Islam

Md. Masud Alam
Manager, Moslama International Ltd.

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Nimu HRM

Nimu HRM dashboard centralizes HR activities, offering real-time data and empowering data-driven workforce management.

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Nimu Attendance

Transform attendance management with Nimu Attendance, enhancing monitoring, analysis, and efficiency for medium to large businesses

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Nimu Inventory

Nimu Inventory software streamlines financial transactions, integrates with business systems, and optimizes inventory management for all sizes

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Nimu CRM

Boost customer relationships and sales with Nimu CRM, offering comprehensive data and automation facility

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Nimu Education

Revolutionize learning with Nimu Education, providing advanced tools for efficient educational management system

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Nimu POS

Streamline sales and inventory management with Nimu POS, enhancing efficiency and customer experience

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